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Our son Jude is very happy in Srishti. The Srishti family is his extended family . The Montessori methodology and the attention and care from all the Srishti family members have helped in his overall development and laid good foundation for his future learning.......
- George and Jismy



Toddler | Primary | Multicultral Activity


The first few years of your child's life are crucial to the development of personality and intellect. This is a period during which learning takes place at an accelerated speed. At Srishti Montessori, we provide the sense of security and loving care that toddlers need to thrive during this stage of intense learning.

Since toddlers are especially bent on achieving independence, our teachers provide responsive, individual attention as your child deals with positive experiences as well as frustration. The Srishti Montessori curriculum takes advantage of the rapid growth of gross and fine motor skills at this stage.

The toddler program focuses on five key developmental areas:
Sensory and Perceptual Development
Self-help Skills
Language Skills
Physical and Motor Skills
Social and Emotional Growth



To young children, there is something very special about doing things that adults find ordinary. Practical life exercises such as pouring and spooning, washing dishes or polishing shoes completely absorb them. At Srishti Montessori, we recognize this process as the beginning of control and coordination of mind and body. Through sensory experiences, our Primary Program helps children distinguish, categorize and relate new information to what they already know. They learn math with concrete materials. They construct words with the movable alphabet, then they can progress to nuances of the English language, function of words and grammar.

Our Primary curriculum is broad and includes:
Language Arts
Cultural Awareness
Cooking and Nutrition
Music and Creative Movement
Science and Nature


Multi Cultural Activity

We at Srishti celebrate all our regional and national festivals. Thus introducing the children to our rich cultural heritage.

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