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for the coming June .
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Our son Jude is very happy in Srishti. The Srishti family is his extended family . The Montessori methodology and the attention and care from all the Srishti family members have helped in his overall development and laid good foundation for his future learning.......
- George and Jismy



Points to be noted

1. Please label all your child’s belongings.
2. Please send water for your child in a sipper or bottle with straws.
DO NOT use old cold drink bottles. Juices, if any, should be in a tetra pack with a straw.
3. Please pin the child’s napkin / kerchief to his/her dress daily.
4. Please put a set of extra clothes and a napkin in your child’s bag.
5. Please regularize your child’s sleep pattern.
6. Please talk to the child in English so that he/she learns the language and understands instructions in school.
7. Please inform the school if the child is going to remain absent for long.
8. Send your child regularly to school, but, please DO NOT send the child if he/she is NOT WELL.

Term Events

Please see Srishti's calendar for full details regarding term dates, school holidays and other important events.


Srishti Montessori is open from 9 am to 6pm.

The timings for the Montessori session is 9am to 1pm.

We also have after school daycare facilities for children from 12 pm to 6pm. Lunch will be provided to the children at additional cost. We will provide simple, healthy lunch consisting of sambhar, rice, vegetables and curd rice. Children who are with us till 6pm will be given a glass of milk along with biscuits.

Dress Code

Dressing for comfort and safety:
In order to ensure your child does not experience difficulty in safely traversing external free-play equipment and to facilitate independence at toilet time, please follow the below dress code:

Shorts/trousers with elastic waist
Loose tops or 'T' shirts with short or ¾ length sleeves
Sleeveless sweater and/or vest during winter 2 sets of clothes + disposable nappies/diapers conforming to dress code*
Shoes with velcro fasteners or slip-ons
All items to be named - Srishti will take NO responsibility for items of clothing not named.
Children can wear non-slip socks in winter or when it's cold.

No belts
No laces on shoes
No dresses or skirts
No long sleeves
No tops with hooks or buttons
No hoods
No jewellery, hair clips or accessories
No nappies unless agreed earlier

If staff members feel a child is inappropriately dressed, the parent/guardian will be asked to change in school if appropriate clothing is available.
Shoes are not permitted inside Srishti, in the sand pit for reasons of hygiene and safety. Children will be allowed to wear non-slip socks in winter.


It is important for your child to attend regularly to get the maximum benefit.
In case of absence: a telephone call from a parent is appreciated. Please let us know the reason for his absence.
Srishti can take no responsibility for the academic performance of children with poor attendance levels i.e. below 75 %.

Montessori Materials

Montessori materials are very attractive and are there to be used by all children. Sometimes children find them so attractive that pieces of apparatus get invited home! Should this happen please return them on the following day. They could be part of a set.

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