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Our son Jude is very happy in Srishti. The Srishti family is his extended family . The Montessori methodology and the attention and care from all the Srishti family members have helped in his overall development and laid good foundation for his future learning.......
- George and Jismy


About Srishti Montessori - House of Children

Apart from rendering proper Montessori education to the kids, we at Srishti make a sincere effort for the overall development of the child’s personality with the help of cultural events and sports activities.

Children at Srishti Montessori are encouraged to explore, investigate and fulfill their natural curiosity about the world around them. Under the careful guidance of our certified Montessori Teachers, children develop at their own pace and learn that school can be an unending adventure - one that inspires a lifetime of discovery.

The development of personal dignity and ability in each child - no matter how young - is one of the most valuable and permanent benefits of Srishti Montessori education. This idea, so extraordinary at the turn of the 19th century, continues to inspire and guide Srishti Montessori teachers and parents. Our special, proven approach will guide your child toward independence, a love of learning and future success.

When you walk into a Srishti Montessori classroom, the first thing you will notice is that everyone is busy and interested in what they are doing. One child is counting beads, others are working together on a puzzle map, and in the corner of the room an Adult is introducing a small group of children to a new language activity. Each of our classrooms is designed to provide an environment where children fulfill their natural curiosity about the world around them.

Classic Montessori materials make learning irresistible. Children in our schools learn with a vast collection of Montessori materials developed by leading international manufacturers. From puzzle maps to trinomial cubes, each piece is meticulously designed according to official Montessori specifications. This commitment to using only the best teaching materials is a cornerstone of our program.

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